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BEAUTY CARE ORGANIC DIETARY SUPPLEMENTS - SCIENTIFIC RESEARCHES following a list of main researches defining the high power of the organic components for women skin care supplements manufacturing industry. Scientific pubblications from University in United States, China, Japan, Italy, Germany, Austria, Australia,... confirms the efficience of lycopene to avoid main women skin damage caused by UVA and UVB rays, protecting from premature aging caused by free radicals. The scientific staff of Pierre Italy has used all of them as scientific reference to improve, to define our organic dietary supplements... APPLY FOR DISTRIBUTION

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SUPERCRITICAL CO2 EXTRACTS FROM TOMATOES: NATURAL COSMECEUTICAL APPLICATION A large number of natural compounds may often represent the solution for a wide number of problems in human health. In fact, their pharmaceutical activities detain a large range of action, i.e. from the active ingredients against the most serious diseases to the molecules able to reduce the slight blemish. Plant extracts have been used for healing purposes long before recorded history, as demonstrated by ancient Chinese and Egyptian papyrus writings describing medicinal plant uses. Several African populations used plants in their curative rituals, while others, such as indigenous populations of North America, developed traditional medical systems in which herbal therapies were used systematically. At the present time, people in different parts of the globe use plant seeds, berries, roots, leaves, bark, or flowers for the same purposes. In the early 19th century, when methods of chemical analysis became available, scientists began to extract and to study several active ingredients from plants. A wide number of active products deriving from plant extracts have been included into nutritional supplements and used to correct imbalances, resolve patterns of dysfunction and treat the cause of complaint. Several molecules have been extracted and used to treat many human pathologies such as asthma...

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Fazekas Z, Gao D, Saladi RN, Lu Y, Lebwohl M, Wei H. - Department of Dermatology, Mount Sinai School of Medicine, New York. Protective effects of lycopene against ultraviolet B-induced photodamage. Nutr Cancer. 2003;47(2):181-7


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LYCODEEP ORGANIC DIETARY SUPPLEMENT Lycodeep prevents and reduces aging of the skin by reducing wrinkles and improving the thickness and sagging skin. Lycodeep favors a golden tan, smooth and safe. Furthermore, is useful in the treatment of cellulite and contributes to get a firming, tonning and healthy skin.

SKIN PROTECTION - LYCODEEP THE PERFECT ANTI AGING Lycodeep protects the skin from damage caused by UVA - UVB rays. Numerous scientific studies shown that lycopene protects the skin from premature aging caused by free radicals. A high production of free radicals is promoted from UVA - UVB (excessive exposure to sunlight or tanning lamps), environmental pollution, physical and psychological stress, smoking and improper lifestyle. The continuous action of free radicals is evident especially in the premature aging of cells and in the onset of various serious diseases like cancer. The daily intake of Lycodeep ensures a continuous presence of high levels of natural antioxidants in the skin, to counteract the effects of free radicals and effectively contribute to its protection.

GET SMOOTH, SAFE AND GOLDEN TAN WITH LYCODEEP the active ingredients contained in Lycodeep reinforce the skin's defenses, prevent the formation of sunburn, rashes, dark spots and allow you to obtain a safe tan, smooth and persistent.





The organic lycopene is an exclusive product worldwide patented by Pierre Group Italy as the perfect antioxidant extracted without solvents or any chemical process directly from ripe red tomatoes... to produce the uniques organic dietary and health supplements products of the health market

LYCOPENE SOURCES Lycopene is a carotenoid, a group of compounds present in many fresh fruits and vegetables. There are more than 750 types of carotenoids in nature; however, only 20 of these have been found in human blood and tissues. The carotenoid most often present in human blood is lycopene ,followed by b -carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin.


 RED RIPE TOMATOES THE MAIN SOURCE OF LYCOPENE and their derivatives are the main natural source of lycopene giving approximately 85% of all lycopene in the human body. The amount of lycopene in tomatoes depends the quality of fruit, the environment and cultivation procedures. Usually, the content of lycopene in red-ripe tomatoes is 30-80 mg/kg of fresh product, but it could be more than 150-300 mg/kg in some selected species obtained by traditional hybridization techniques.
PROPERTIES OF ORGANIC LYCOPENE the organic lycopene has a very strong antioxidant power, as antioxidant contrasts the destructive action of free radicals in the human body (which are seriously dangerous for the cells and tissues) protects and prevents against several diseases... SEE FULL INFORMATION

  Health prostate organic dietary supplement, after 45 yearsold, men may experience undesired growth of the prostate due to an inflammatory process that can degenerate into cancer. Prostate Health + effectiveness plus, is a special blend of antioxidants, saw palmetto, ginseng and zinc aids in the prevention and reduction of risk factors that cause inflammation of the prostate, produced by Pierre Group in Italy Lycodeep dietary supplement - Aanti aging reducing wrinkles Lycodeep effectively counteracts the aging of the skin by reducing wrinkles and improving the thickness and sagging skin. Lycodeep is the only supplement with "Organic Lycopene" specially formulated for the protection and beautification of the skin. Lycodeep is useful in cellulite treatment. Organic Lycopene coming from Italian tomatoes Lycomplete dietary supplement with organic lycopene is a nutraceutical excellence with Organic Lycopene and other natural active ingredients acting synergistically as antioxidant treatment, specific and effective against oxidative stress. Lycomplete normalizes the value of oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is evident especially in the onset of serious diseases such as cancer, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and others Lycosport organic dietary supplement to improve performance, Lycosport with organic lycopene, produced in Italy by Pierre Group, is a nutraceutical dietary supplement for the improvement of sports performance. Lycosport is distinguished by its special formulation, consisting of a balanced mixture of natural compounds, antioxidants and amino acids that helps to improve athletic conditions

Health Prostate Dietary

Lycodeep skin care supplement

Lycomplete heart supplement

Lycosport athlete supplements

  Licofor is a private label dietary supplement produced to the Barcelona Spain company Bama Geve Vitilicaps nutraceutical product with organic lycopene, produced in private label for Lyconcepts Santo Domingo Naturmio dietary supplement with our organic lycopene produced for Private label to the Italian company Sirton Medicare Spa Milano Licofor dietary supplement produced with our organic lycopene, Private Label product to the company Farmigea in Pisa Italy

Lycocor for Italian market

Vitilicaps for Santo Domingo market

Naturmio women for Italian market

Lycofor (eyes optic) for Italian market


We offer our full dietary, food and health care supplements manufacturing knowledge plus our engineering capabilities to create, design, produce new supplement products, in Private label, for manufacturers and distributors.


Naturmio Health Prostate for Italy

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Pierre Group srl is an Italian manufacturer of organic dietary supplements using made in Italy organic lycopene health care supplementsdietary care supplements manufacturer, organic healthy suppliers, organic medicine pills manufacturing, Italian pharmaceutical technology supply, anticancer medicine vendors, organic lycopene manufacturers. Our mission is to produce the best health and dietary care products for distributors in Europe, USA, Asia Middle East... including the following markets: Italy, Austria, France, USA, Netherlands, England, Scotland, Russia, Spain, Ukraine, Greece, California, Texas, New York, Florida, Illinois, Atlanta in the US, Panama, Australia, Japan, China, India, Chile, Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay, Colombia, Ecuador, Perù, Brasil, Belgium, Saudi Arabia, Oman, Dubai, China, Thailand, Taipei, Finland, Poland, Germany, Norway, England, Romania, Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, UAE, Qatar, Mexico, Uruguay, Paraguay, Costa Rica, Republica Dominicana, Ireland Great Britain, Russia, Scotland, Bolivia, England, Sweden, Canada, the United States, South Korea, Kuwait, China, Japan, Oman, Bahrain, Denmark, Holland, Spain, Colombia, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Czech Republic, India, Thailand... supporting the vip wholesale dietary and health supplements distributors worldwide


Pierre Group an Italian dietary supplement and beauty care cosmetics manufacturing industry with facilities in Galatina Salento, South of Italy, a certified industry of organic skin care products thanks to our international patent to produce organic lycopene... made in Italy


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Nickel tested, each of our dietary supplement product is nickel tested

Our full collection of products are Paraben Free

We use only organic lycopene, coming from our organic Italian tomatoes using a biological extraction co2 system

We do not use chemical solutions or agents to extract the lycopene from tomatoes, we use only the biological extraction system with critical co2 manufacturing process

Non GMO (genetically modified organism) used by Pierre Group for cosmetics and dietary supplement products

Each of our supplements and cosmetics are sodium free to guarantee best sensation and health to your skin

All products of our collection are not tested on animals

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